The Summer is here and with it comes a
One of a Magic experience! 

Imagine the children 1-10 years old immersed in magical moments, wonders, creations, discoveries, and tales!
Look at the different ateliers that will be offered along with music, dance, and summer games!

Anhinga Clay Studios will come to our school to teach the students hand-built pottery using pinch and coil methods. Each week we will create one project with each student ages 4 to 10. We will use the magical medium of clay to create whimsical birds, fish, mugs, flower pots, cupcakes and more.

A team of professional magicians will surprise your child and you with tricks and strategies.

Restoration Magic will immerse you in the pleasure of combining materials as you restore any object. Metal, wood, plastic, or fabric can be used with contrasting materials and generate a new look! Color will be all around and give you a new sense of the chromatic combinations. 

Magic Water is a Summerly Water Immersion Lab where children will enjoy the water properties, movement, and design. A water lab installation will welcome experiments with pressure, travel, and the discovery of the shapes of water. 

Digitally and Scientifically Creative welcomes you to mesmerizing landscapes created by your own experiments! You have never seen something so unique as each landscape is connected to the experiments! Encounter the evidence that supports the knowledge of the world around us and enter into magical experiments that will blow your mind! 

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