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Sep 26
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Parent Involvement

At L'Atelier, parents are perceived as strong participants of their child's life at home and at school. Parents bring to school many stories about their family and child that support the creation of their child's identity at school. It is through the constant communication between home and school the faculty learns about how the child thinks and can complement the observations made at school. The active participation of parents in the life of the school is an essential component for a complete educational experience at L'Atelier. The school offers several opportunities for parents to become involved and participate in the life of their children's at school. There are different meetings( individual and general), conferences, celebrations and events that are organized to bring families together and to learn about what and how the children learns.

L'Atelier created a Parents Association of L'Atelier, called PAL. It is formed by all the parents of the school and has a president and a vice president. Its mission is to strengthen the communication channel between home and school as different projects are developed in the different aspects of the life at school.

The following committees have been created by parents:

  • Culture Committee: This committee's role is to make visible Miami 's multiculturalism and the many opportunities of cultural encounters for children and adults.
  • Events Committee: Its role is to support the school in the organization of school events. Fundraising Committee: Its role is to support the school fundraising funds for the enhancement of the school.
  • Parenting Committee: Parents have voiced interest in learning about parenting. This committee organizes roundtables, short meetings and encounters about topics of interest for parents, sometimes inviting special speakers.
  • Environment Committee: This committee supports the school in creating new and provocative environments of the school.

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PAL meets once a month at the atelier and invites all parents.
Home Parents