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Aug 19
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The Child

We believe children have an enormous potential and curiosity. They strive to understand the world, making their own theories to explain how it functions. We believe that each person constructs their own intelligence from direct interaction with the environment and in social groups (Jean Piaget's constructivism and Lev Vygotsky's socio constructivism theory). We also share Jerome Bruner's idea that young children are capable of intuitively grasping basic concepts of science at an early age.

The child asks to be heard and not to be filled in with information. Since the first moment of life, the child shows that he owns the power of communication. He is eager to enter in relationship and thus formulates his own understanding about the experiences he lives. ? The child is competent in learning, living, welcoming and in being young? ( Carla Rinaldi, 2007).

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